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About Prism Health Services
Prism Health Services was conceptualized as a result of first-hand experience. Founder, Prachi Rathi often heard patients express their desire to stay in their own homes after being treated for an illness or physical condition. Many patients did not heed the advice to stay in a Long Term Care Facility and insisted on going home alone, even when the home would be unsafe. Prachi always felt a tug in her heart when patients went home alone; as she wondered who would monitor them to ensure their safety, well-being, and happiness. She started searching for solutions and founded Prism Health Services out of compassion, concern and commitment to finding a way for Seniors, Disabled people.


Be Home Be Safe

Home Assessments made Easy and Comprehensive


Take charge of your HEALTH

Neuro Muscular Testing

Multi-Directional Functional ROM ("Reach-O-Meter")


Explore how Conni can help manage incontinence
AOTA Conference 2019 – New Orleans LA

AOTA Conference 2019 – New Orleans LA AOTA Conference – New Orleans LA April 3rd – 6th 2019 Come check us out and see the unique Patented Neuro-Muscular Testing and Training Device (NMT Device ), also called as Reach-O–Meter Device (ROM Device). Improve your outcomes while engaging the patients in a FUNctional task while working on their functional ...


Very Practical.

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Kelly W. (PT/DPT)

This is a great device for providing activities for….
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Jeramie S. (OTR/L)

Love the objectivity of the NMT. Reaching tools are fantastic!…
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Krisanne P. (DPT)

Appears helpful for balance testing and training and…
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Kater K. (PT)

Cool way to objectively measure weight shift and reaching.
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Stephanie F. (SPT)

Many options for use in clinic, portable, not much space.
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Sharon B. (OTR)

Great Idea!

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Augusto A. (OTR)

Very inventive measurable tool for upcoming demands of
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Laura M. (COTA)

Very inventive and creative -easy for measurable data.
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Karen D. (OTR)

Excellent way to quantify functional movement …
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I like that one can use this device for evaluating a patient and…
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Kristy K. (OTR)

Wonderful measuring tool for measuring movement in space.
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Rosemary F. (OTR)

I loved the variety of patients that can benefit from it!.
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Marta G. (OT)

A very creative and fun way of quantifying reach – excellent!.
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The NMT device is a very innovative tool that can be …
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Michael G. (MS)

The NMT device is very unique and has a lot of potential for…
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Tonya C. (OTR)

Objective tool for reach test and cognitive visual perception…
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Nor G (MS)

Very well thought out…

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Ba H. (Professor)

Very creative way of measuring reach.
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Sheila M. (OT)

Perfect for measurable & objective documentation…
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Lorrine M. (OT)

Looks neat. Provides measurable progress.
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Mary B. (OT)

Awesome NMT Device.

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Cheryl.K (MS/OTR)

Great for documenting measurable outcomes.
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Raina H.

Very interesting – can do many activities with it and it…
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Amy M. (Student)

Love the lightness of the Prism Telesticks. The …
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Polly F.

Positively brilliant! To help population with …
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Cindy G. (COTA)

The device facilitates mobility components of functional…
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Alfredo W. (OT/PT)